The Protagonist of P5


Persona 5 TGS Trailer


Ayyy have a transparent Kano posing for your blog

(I was too lazy to attempt to remove the watermark sorry)


Kano&Kido Genderbend
By Me:)


Kagerou Project / Mekakucity Actors
Something that I can cosplay with group of great people. Something because I can met such a great person as HALCA (photo with Ayano). I’m really glad that I can cosplay it and my first crossplay is from these series because I love me as Kano ^.^”
Thank You all so much :3
I can’t wait for all group in Czech Republic :3


I was planning on making some kind of gif thing, but then I didn’t.

seven minutes is a long time in hell


in which kido despairs and kano rejoices

(the crack is strong in this one. p.s i haven’t written for kagepro in forever so this is why this SUCKS)

How it happens isn’t really a great concern to Kido, but rather why it happens. 

She blames it entirely on Momo, who is perpetually awful at coming up with terribly embarrassing ways to make Kido look bloody stupid. And although she holds a certain degree of affection to the young blonde girl, right now Kido could probably punch her in the face and feel absolutely no remorse. Because goddamnit this is making her want to die.

(and that stupid bastard Kano, she could also hit him, too).

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My progress after like 2 months.

Yea, I’m such a hardworker OTL

could you please source this and ask for chikaya’s(the artist name) permission before you post their art? i thought it was a common knowledge not to repost someone’s art without their permission. its ok if you didnt know. but if you did it on purpose, please, as a human being who knows the meaning of respecting each other, please delete this post.


you claim tumblr has taught you a lot of things but i mean half of you still don’t understand how to merely scroll past something you don’t like instead of sending someone death threats so miss me with all that shit


is this snake selfcest? (also for outer science)




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Been playing with this concept for a while.

I love this. So much.

this should be posted everywhere



Twelve now! more feathers! 9 feathers actually /CRIES